Photo by Robert Caldarone

Photo by Robert Caldarone

Keli Skydiving for Cosmopolitan magazine

Keli Skydiving for Cosmopolitan magazine

Currently a Columnist for The Daily Beast, Keli’s work as a journalist has covered a diverse array of outlets and subjects.

She has written about politics for The Washington Post, polo for The Daily Beast, skydiving for Cosmopolitan magazine, race for The Root, religion for Essence Magazine, fashion for New York Magazine, feminism for The Guardian and her favorite teacher for The Houston Chronicle. She has also interviewed former President Jimmy Carter, Attorney General Eric Holder and actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie, to name a few.
Keli has appeared on more than 100 television and radio programs in America and abroad, including CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, FOX News Channel’s Fox and Friends and various programs on the BBC, NPR, CBS and many other networks.
As a broadcast journalist she is probably best known for her tenure as a regular contributor to MSNBC’s The Dylan Ratigan Show where she reported on subjects ranging from diversity on fashion runways, to health care for 9/11 first responders, and reproductive rights. During her time on air, she began exploring her passion for developing and producing socially conscious content and in 2018 Reversing Roe, a documentary inspired by her coverage of reproductive policy, was released on Netflix. In 2019, Keli and the other producers of Reversing Roe, were nominated for two News and Documentary Emmy Awards for their work on the film.

During the 2016 election she hosted Political Party with Keli Goff, a series of specials for NPR affiliate WNYC, featuring interviews with politicians, media personalities and artists engaging in the kind of provocative, yet civil discussions of political issues we all have -- or wish we had -- at dinner parties.

Keli is a regular guest, and occasional guest host, on NPR affiliate KCRW's Left, Right & Center. She continues to cover everything from fashion, to the presidential election as a Columnist for The Daily Beast.

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Keli on WNYC for Special on Race Relations in the Obama Era

September 19, 2016